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INTERCHANGE is a virtual employability program that will introduce students to the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, whilst at the same time building their career confidence.

Students work in multidisciplinary teams with prominent business mentors to solve real-world problems like Sustainability, Smart Cities and the Future of Work. Students develop key employability skills including start-up strategies, communication, technology innovation, leadership, business agility and networking.

I am proud to say that I have been one of those business people in 2022, working with an amazing team of students, both international and local, on and off shore. Working with a team remotely has it’s challenges but everyone has stepped up and performed well, especially across the different time zones.

What a great experience this has been. The FRANK team who run the show are so well organised, with excellent and engaging facilitators and the students have been pumping! It has been a seamless process over 4 weeks and culminates in a virtual Pitch night, with the 6 top teams pitching to a judging panel for the top 3 places. They don’t even know if they are finalists until the night, so pitching on the fly! I am looking forward to meeting those of my team who are in Sydney once Interchange is over for the year. What a great experience and so good to give my time and experience for such a great program. 

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